A required document to enter Russia for a foreign citizens is a visa. A visa to Russia  can be received in the consulates and embassies of the Russian Federation. When applying for a visa foreign citizens should give in an Invitation, sent by an individual or a juridical person from Russia. The visa applicants should also fill in an application form and pay the consulate fee.

An invitation to Russia for foreign citizens can be of different types depending on who issues the visa and what is the purpose of a trip.

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Tourist visa.

This is the most common type of visa. It is issued to enter the country with tourist purposes for a stay of up to 30 days. Applying for such a visa is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way. Tourist visa can be for a single or double entry. If you plan visit both event we recommend you choose Tourist visa with double entry.

Where to apply for a visa to Russia?

If you are a foreign citizen, you can contact a Consular Department of the Russian Embassy in your country. Also in many countries (mainly in the EU, the US and China), visas are issued in the Visa Centres of the Russian Federation: independent organizations that cooperate with Consular Departments of the Russian Embassy.

Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of visa processing by each of the following ways:

Option 1: Issuing a visa to Russia in a Consulate of the Russian Federation



·         The only one advantage of issuing visa in the Consular section is a possibility to save a little money. The cost of this service is about  38 $ / 32 € / 29 £ (in comparison with about 64 $ / 55 € / 48 £  in the Russian visa center). For the urgency you will pay about  75 $ / 63 € / 56 £  (in the visa center it will be – about 123 $ / 104 € / 92 £). In the usual procedure of issuance you may save about 26 $, and for the expedited appointment – at least 37 $.

·         The embassies of all countries straightly connected with the Consular sections. It means that in all problem cases a citizen should contact a Consulate and there is no sense to issue a visa through a mediator.

·         Employees of consulates have the most complete and up-to-date information about current rules of visa issuance.

·         You need to submit your application to the Consulate personally (there is no courier service) and you should register preliminary. 

·         A process of visa issuance can be started only after an interview. If there is a need to issue visas for several members of a family, every one of them needs to register and pass an inteview individually. 

·         Opening hours of the Consulate are limited. It is usually from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. on weekdays .

In order to fill in an application for a reception you need to go to the general page of the Consulates page of the Consulates, find a Consulate which you need, go to their website and register.

Note: Consular sections are closed on the days of Russian state holidays (including Christmas and New Year  holidays since 1 January 2019 until 7 January 2019).

Option 2: Issuing a visa to Russia in a Visa Centre of the Russian Federation

These organizations are authorized to process applications and issue Russian visas. You can look at the list of Visa Centres in your country on this page. All the rest websites, where somebody offers you such service to issue a visa to Russia, are not authorized by the Russian Consulate companies. They act only like a mediator increasing the final cost of the visa.

This article is about how to obtain a visa by yourself, however some of you prefer to use services of a specialized companies. But what they will do in fact? They will ask for your passport, personal data, they will make you an invitation and a health insurance, fill in an application form instead of you and will give all these documents to a Visa center or Consulate. Meanwhile, they will take extra 50-150 € for the filling in an application form and for the delivery of documents to a Consulate!

 How much does a visa to Russia cost?

The cost of issuing a visa is divided into two parts:

  1. The issuing of a visa itself in a Visa Centre of the Russian Federation will cost approximately 65 $ / 55 € / 48 £ . You will get your visa 10 days after giving in the documents.
    In many consulates and visa centres there is a possibility of an express service! You will have to pay for the urgency though. Prices for this service are different in various countries. The visa will be issued within 24 hours not counting the day when the documents were submitted.
    Consular departments in European countries ask 38 $ / 35 € / 30 £  (10 days) or 75 $ / 64 € / 56 £   for urgency (less than 3 working days after the date of application).
  2. It is necessary to add the cost of issuing of the following documents to the cost of a visa:
    • Letter of invitation (also called a Visa support) is also required.You can get tourist invitation here
    • Mandatory health insurance. The purchase of a medical travel insurance will cost about 1 euro for each day of the trip (but not less than 3 euros)

Step-by-step Instruction for Issuing a Visa to Russia

To obtain a visa, you must provide the following documents to the Russian Consulate:

  • A visa application, filled in online, printed, with a signature and a standard size photo (as in the passport)
  • Original passport
  • Invitation to Russia (visa support)
  • Travel insurance for the term of the trip

For your convenience, we have created a step-by-step instruction where we signed the process of preparing documents and sending them to a Russian Consulate:

Step 1. To have a valid passport

To obtain a visa, you must have a passport (ID-card is unsuitable), which expires no earlier than 6 months  after the end date of your trip to Russia. If you do not have a passport, you need to get it in the appropriate authority of your country.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: for issuing a visa, you must provide or send by courier ORIGINAL PASSPORT. A copy is not accepted, since the visa is put in the passport itself.

Step 2. To receive an Invitation to Russia (visa support)

Invitation to Russia (visa support) – is the most important document. It should not be confused with the hotel booking confirmation.

ATTENTION! A hotel booking is not required for a visa

Invitation to Russia for a Tourist visa. This is a document in A4 format, which indicates that you are invited to Russia by a Russian travel company or a hotel that is accredited in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the RF and that is authorized to issue these invitations! This document consists of two parts: A Tourist VOUCHER and Confirmation of the Admission of a foreign tourist. In both parts of the Invitation to Russia the passport data of the tourist, the dates of visiting Russia, cities of visit to Russia, the accommodation in each city (hotel or apartment and their addresses) are indicated. The document is written in Russian and English.

There is always a number of the invitation (of a Tourist VOUCHER) at the top and a reference number of the company, that is, the registration number of the tour operator in RosTourism and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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Step 3. To buy a health insurance policy for a stay in Russia

To obtain a visa to Russia, it is necessary to give in to a Consulate of the Russian Federation (or a Visa Centre) a travel insurance policy that includes repatriation expenses for medical reasons, emergency medical care and / or emergency hospitalization for the entire period of stay in Russia.

You can purchase such insurance in the insurance companies authorized and registered with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

You can also purchase the insurance through the Visa Application Centre of the Russian Federation.

Step 4. To fill in an application form to obtain a visa to Russia

Once you have all the information about the dates of arrival and departure, a valid passport, travel insurance and letter of invitation, you can finally fill in the visa application form.You can do this online here.

Step 5. To print out the application form, sign it, stick a photo, pay fees

Print out the application form, put the date of completion, do not forget to sign it and stick the original passport size(3×4 cm)photo (copies are not accepted). It must be recent, coloured, in full face and you should not have any sunglasses or headgear on it.

If you are applying for a visa through the Russian Visa Application Centre, you can make a payment by bank transfer (attach payment confirmation to the submitted documents) or in the centre itself in cash or by card. You could find the payment details on the site of a specific visa centre.

If you decided to apply for a visa at a Consulate of the RF, you can pay by card or at a branch of a bank on a receipt issued by the Consulate.Cash for payments are not accepted.

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