ATSX500 IGORA, St. Peterburg 2019

All-season resort Igora will hold the stage ATSX 500 of ice cross downhill world championship.

ATSX 500 race – it’s a new level of ice cross downhill (ICDH) development. First time in history of ICDH the winner will attempt 500 points in world ranking, and that could influence on final results of World Championship.

Also, organizing committee prepared a lot fun activities for everyone onsite this weekend.


  • warm-up with professional figure skater Emma Gadjieva on local ice rink;
  • work-out master class from the legendary Alexander Khokhlov (@guiltykilla), physical strength coach of national team Russia ;
  • master class from one of the best photographer of extreme sports, Denis Klero;
  • hockey master class for kids and adults
  • snowmobile test-drive

First time in Russia, Junior world competition will take part on January 25. Boys and girls from 16 to 21 years old will take part in a race.

Right away after junior competition, team race event will take part. Best world teams will compete for the cup. And in closure of weekend, final race in men and women categories will take place in the evening of January 26.


Especially for ATSX 500 race, in All-season resort Igora we create 340 meters ice track, close to ice rink, with a stunning view on a course from start to finish. Vertical drop is 35 meters. Speedy track will consist of technical obtacles, fast turns, jumps, step-up and U-turn.

Riders cup is helding in world cup status from 2015, and it is one of the most exciting and spectacular winter races. From this season it has new world championship points system. Athletes going downhill on a track length up to 600 meters, which is situated on a steep hill. Configuration of the course include tricky turns and jumps, so athletes compete in high intense and with emotional high. Race come in 3 categories: men, women and junior. More information about ATSX 500 you can find at and official group at

Information for athletes

Anyone over 16 years old who has passed the registration procedure on the sites and has paid the entry fee and an international license to participate can take part in the competition. The link to the payment of the entry fee, in the amount established by the Organizers, is located at the bottom of the page. The license for participation in the amount of 15 Euros (payment is made in the currency of collection – Euro) is paid on the site or a representative of the International Federation ATSX in the competition venue. Participants who have a paid seasonal license do not pay a license for the ATSX500 Russia stage.

Payment of the entry fee and international license entitles the Athlete to participate in the Competition from January 25 to January 26, 2019, in accordance with the ATSX500 Regulations, as well as attendance at training sessions on January 24, 2019.

Payment for the event as well as the license ATSX is made only online. Training runs can be paid only in cash.

Before training, each participant must sign a disclaimer, disclaimer of copyright on the photo and video material and the Limitations Sheet Organizer’s liability to the Participants from January 24 to 26, 2019

For the period of the competition, each participant must have life and health insurance valid from January 24, 2019 (or from the beginning of training on the track) to January 26, 2019 inclusive.

Attention! Without an insurance policy, the Participant is not allowed to competition and training.
Without payment of the entry fee and international license, the Athlete is not allowed to participate.
Attention! Participants 16-17 years old must submit a letter from the parents, allowing participation in extreme competition.
Attention! There is a restriction on participation: the maximum number of participants in the men’s classification is 160, in the women’s classification 40.




Payment of entry fee

After January 1, 2019, the entry fee will increase to 5,000 rubles.

For Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan

For USA, Canada and Europe